Thursday, February 27, 2014

In Transition.

The Miller's have accepted a call to go to the Philippines where George will serve as chaplain [Nancy will be his main assistant] to the PNC (Philippine Nazarene College) Located in Baguio [actually La Trinidad] Philippines.  We depart on May 27, 2014 from the beautiful Solomon Islands where we have served the Lord for 15 years.  The school term at PNC begins mid June.  The school has around 400 students [elementary age to young adult] and 50+ staff that we will minister to.

It is interesting that we answered the call to become children pastors in 1983 and now we will end our career as chaplains of the school that has a lot of youth and children.

We began our missionary career in the highland of PNG in 1989 where it is cool, now we will end our career in the Philippines highlands where it is cool.  We served 15 years in the Solomon Islands, the country that was the turning point of the war, and now we end our career at the location where the peace treaty was signed ending the war.

Thank you for you prayers and God Bless you.
Servants of the Lord,
George and Nancy Miller