Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prayer for Nancy

23 July 2015
Nancy was admitted yesterday to the St Louis University Hospital in Baguio City, Philippines.   We certainly ask you to remember her in prayer.  My prayer is that she will fully recover soon, but at least fully recover before our home assignment begins end Oct 2015.   

Her problem: Her legs were swollen and we went to the physician who ordered an Ultrasound.  The sonogram showed veinous reflux (Blood is not flowing properly up the veins in the legs).  They are assessing the cause of this.  They are concerned about blood clots developing but there is currently no evidence of this.  After coming here they discovered a heart murmur and they did echocardiogram to assess this. Results should be in the morning.

We will update you from time to time. If you have Facebook, connect with me (George M Miller) through that social media.  You might see updates from me or others posting something.  Her swelling [edema] is slowly improving. 

We are receiving excellent care in the hospital here.  The hospital staff are great. Our PNC staff, students, and friends have been so supportive even coming to the hospital, serving as watchman for Nancy so I can return to the college and teach my classes.  

I am sorry because during this time I have not been on-line much. 

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